Huwai e169 GSM modem using Virgin on Ubuntu 8.1

Took a few days but I finally got the Huwai e169 to work on Ubuntu 8.1.  Seems there’s a bug with the Network Manager that means you can’t save the settings which meant you couldn’t log in.  But there is a way!

From information you’ll find elsewhere, you should already have these settings:

APN: VirginBroadband   <–  Ensure this is not VirginInternet
Number: *99#
Username: blank
Password: blank

Then in the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) tab, under Use Authentication, you need to unselect everything except PPP.  The problem is if you only change these settings it won’t save the changes!  So, also tick Connect Automatically.  Then hit ok and it should go and save those settings and connect.

Tick Connect Automatically to ensure the PAP setting saved

Tick Connect Automatically to ensure the PAP setting saved

You may also want to go back in to untick Connect Automatically which will save – and you’ll also see that the other Authentication options are still unticked and have saved.

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