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Godaddy deleted my emails

Seems Godaddy implemented a new feature on their email hosting: “Auto-purge”.  As the name suggests it will automatically delete emails.  Now that’s fine for folder like Spam and Deleted Items but they put it on my Sent Items!  Goodbye 7 years of email history…

As a loyal *paying* customer for 7 years, who has recommended them many times, I’m pissed off.  After a few emails, they restored 30 days worth of stuff that I had already deleted (so I just had to delete them again) but not my Sent Items.  Still waiting to hear if they’re going to do anything…

Looked at migrating to Google Apps.  According to Godaddy though, I have to pay them MORE money to upgrade to an IMAP plan so that I can get my emails off them…


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  1. Same thing happened to me after they upgraded me to an IMAP account. I cant eleive it either. what sis you end up doing? I just wanted to get organized with folders on an imap acct…. Im trying to decide what to do next

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