Monthly Archive: November 2014

On Writing

Every now and then I get a strong urge to start writing again. Each time, I’ve probably written something here but either didn’t finish it or decided it was too much of a rant – I had a lot of unpublished posts which I’ve now trashed.

So again, I’ve decided to start writing but with so many ideas and topics I immediately feel a little overwhelmed.  In order to reduce the scope and thus make writing a little more manageable I’m going to add some constraints – keep the topic light for now and a limit of 300 words.

A light topic will help to ensure that I’m comfortable posting the article.  A limit of 300 words will help to ensure that I don’t get carried away in an attempt to write a large piece, get distracted and never finish it.

I’m also going to look out for other ideas on how to get started with writing – surely there are some simple writing assignments/exercises on the internet.